COLORLINE® Premium washable white wall paint

COLORLINE® Premium washable white wall pain

Colorline Premium is a velvety matte, extra white, highly resistant and washable painting coating with hydrophobic properties for coating the walls and ceilings of your entire interior, including bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, where higher resistance of the coating against water and dirt is required. We recommend the color for interior painting on mineral, acrylic, gypsum, plasterboard and concrete surfaces in a white shade. The coating is also suitable for coloring with COLORLINE® Liquid tinting concentrate 2in1 to the shade of your choice.

Proper preparation of the substrate to maintain the coverage of the coating:
  • the substrate must be dry, cohesive, sufficiently mature, free of dust, grease, mold and other impurities
  • clean heavily soiled substrates with water with diluted detergent or pressurized water
  • even out unevenness and cracks with a suitable acrylic or gypsum putty
  • consolidate non-cohesive and highly absorbent substrates with a penetration coating, we recommend Kittfort cream penetration, in order to comply with the specified coating coverage of 40 m2 in one layer!