Autumn is coming…

The summer days are gone, and the cold and cool autumn weather knocks on the door. Leisure time will make it easier to spend warmth at home, such as a fireplace or fireplace stove. Look at our autumn offer of products.

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Deeply penetrating primer

Deeply penetrating primer

It is a water-based deeply penetrating primer, containing nano-particle dispersion that penetrates to greater depth into the base and thus guarantees very high penetration and stabilization capabilities. The consistency of the penetrating primer is specially designed for easier application without running and dripping.


Interior wear-resistant white / tinted READY MIX

Washable white / tinted READY MIX

Thermal insulation white / tinted READY MIX / effective



Tinting liquid / powder

Paints and coatings

Water soluble varnishes and enamels

Varnishes synthetic / epoxy / spirit stain

Burning colors

Decorative synthetic paint

Bituminous based aluminium protective coating

Modelling colours

Fillers, putties, mortars, plasters

Masonry / plasterboard fillers

Wood fillers

Metal / concrete / plastics fillers

Refractory filler

Spackling pastes and stucco


Dispersions, primers, painting materials

Dispersion media and primers

Paints whiteness